Best of Show


WI State Taxidermist Competition

Taxidermists from around the state compete in different categories to be state champion. Feb 27-Mar 1, 2020 in Steven's Point, WI.


A fall competition and member meeting. August 9th to August 11th, 2019. in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.


We are once again planning a "hands on" Whitetail Seminar for the Wisconsin Taxidermists Association Championships in February 2018. This will be a four hour seminar scheduled for Friday afternoon, February 23rd.

So, here’s the deal: We have three famous whitetail guys for instructors, Mike Yeska, Mark Gonnering and Clint Rickey. Each instructor will have three seminar participants, for a total of nine openings for people that want to learn "hands on". The WTA, with the help of some generous donations from our suppliers, will provide nine participants with a whitetail form, eyes, earliners and clay. Each participant will set eyes and ears on their form with guidance from the instructors. At the end of the seminar, the work will be theirs to take home for future reference. All that is needed is your own mounting stand. The cost of to be a "hands on" participant, will be $60. So, in typical taxidermy fashion, your gettin' a heckuva deal. For $60 bucks you get to spend four hours with a famous whitetail taxidermist, and roughly $75 worth of supplies to call your own and take home with you. This seminar is, of course, open for everybody to watch, but only nine to be the "hands on" people.

If you are interested in being one of the nine, you must . . . Call Ron Grams (715-766-3300) to be registered ONLY THE FIRST NINE! No exceptions! You must also get your check, made to the WTA, to Ron Grams to be guaranteed a spot.

This valuable seminar will be held from 1pm - 5pm on Friday, February 23, 2018, at the Wisconsin State Taxidermy Championships in Stevens Point.

Our generous donors include Matuska Taxidermy Supply, Ohio Supply, Payer Eyes, and Aves Studio. Please take a moment that weekend, visit their booths, thank them and support them by buying some supplies from them!

And — just for your information — as we look forward to the show, Mike Nakielski has agreed to doing an open wing mounting seminar, with detached wings. That will be Thursday afternoon, as we begin the show and registration is taking place. Hopefully, he can teach one of us how to " out Nakielski " him and win that state waterfowl championship. On Friday morning, we have the WIDNR coming back to talk about regulations and record keeping. We will also be having each judge doing their own seminars as well.

I just want to take a minute to put something out there for everyone reading this. With today's technology, you can pick up taxidermy tips every where on social media and that makes it easy to not come to the shows anymore. However, actually attending these seminars, in person, is such a value not only for the info, but, for the interaction with one another. As taxidermists, we are rare. As good taxidermists, even more rare. We get better at what we do by meeting twice a year with like minded people, and sharing ideas and techniques. I suggest coming to the shows and learning and meeting good people, in spite of the free, convenient information on your computers. I highly doubt you'll regret taking the time to join us.

Get moving and get your spot reserved.

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