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WI State Taxidermist Competition

Taxidermists from around the state compete in different categories to be state champion. Feb 27-Mar 1, 2020 in Steven's Point, WI.


A fall competition and member meeting. August 9th to August 11th, 2019. in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.


In early October, I read with interest a discussion that appeared on the Taxidermy Forums.

I am assuming that this was a Wisconsin taxidermist trying to sell a Wisconsin black bear life-size skin without the skull. Jim Kimball, a Wisconsin Taxidermist Association (WTA) member informed the taxidermist that this was illegal to sell in Wisconsin without the skull attached. I read with interest as other taxidermists, some from Wisconsin, tried to inform Kimball that he was wrong and that this person could legally sell the skin without the skull. Well, Kimball was correct in his assessment and I will explain.

I contacted Tom Van Haren, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Policy Officer. Tom is the person that helps interpret and change game laws in Wisconsin, and has worked with the WTA in the past in changing taxidermy laws. If a warden in your area needs assistance in taxidermy law, Van Haren is the person they should contact.

I want to THANK Van Haren again for assisting with obtaining taxidermy law information for WTA members and explaining them. Van Haren and Ted Demel have been extremely helpful and good to work with over the years.

In the final interpretation of the law:
  • It is illegal to sell any green or salted skin of a black bear hide without the skull attached.
  • It is illegal to sell any black bear skull unless attached to a green or salted skin.
  • It is illegal to sell any teeth, claws or skull unless fully attached to a green or salted skin
  • It is legal to sell a tanned bear skin without the skull attached.

If any members have any questions pertaining to this article or other taxidermy laws, please contact Len Gums or Mike Morley, WTA Legislative Committee Members.

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