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WI State Taxidermist Competition

Taxidermists from around the state compete in different categories to be state champion. Feb 21-24th, 2019 in Steven's Point, WI.


A summer competition and member meeting. 2019 will be located in North West Wisconsin. Dates to be determined.


Carcass Movement Restrictions

The movement of dead or alive CWD positive animals (natural or human-assisted) is a key pathway in the spread of CWD. The infectious nature of the CWD prion contributes to an increased risk of introduction and spread of CWD if dead animals are brought to areas where CWD does not exist if not disposed of properly.

Deer carcass movement in Wisconsin

Carcass movement restrictions are currently in place to assist in limiting the spread of disease. Both whole wild-deer carcasses and certain parts of carcasses from CWD affected counties [PDF] can only be moved within CWD affected counties and to a county adjacent to a CWD affected county [PDF].

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2018 WTA/WIDNR Question and Answer Follow-Up

QUESTION. Please explain the new law regarding a taxidermist’s requirement to record DNR carcass identification numbers (tag/harvest authorization numbers).

ANSWER. In March 2016, Wisconsin 2015 Act 89 took effect, which created this new requirement in law. If interested, the specific legal language can be viewed in Wisconsin State Statute 29.506(1)(am) & 29.506(5)(c). In short, this law change liberalized most user-harvest measures (durable unique carcass tags, etc.) but included a modified taxidermist record keeping requirement to maintain harvest integrity. Since March 2016, there have been additional significant changes to the laws related to fish & game, which have also impacted this change. During my presentation at the February 2018 WTA convention I provided an update on what the changes meant as of that date. As of the time of this writing, here are the legal requirements for licensed taxidermists to be aware of and follow regarding this specific issue;

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Summer 2018 Presidents Message

Hey Fellow Members,

Wasn't that a dragged out winter / spring combination? The spring turkey hunt was about two weeks behind and opening day of fishing found anglers looking for soft water rather than the hard variety. Here we are now full swing into summer and I dare to say it's almost too hot. It's going to be a fast summer, I feel like we've lost a month which in turn means the August Rendezvous will be right around the corner.

Be sure to book your rooms early for the Rendezvous, the Insight has hotel and booking information. Rooms will fill up fast with vacationers. This year's schedule is a little different from past Rendezvous', we are trying to streamline it to get everything accomplished by the end of Saturday, that means Sunday you are free to leave or go sightseeing.

If you never attended the Rendezvous, I encourage you to come on out. The mini competition is open to all animals, bring a display piece from your shop, get a critique and who knows you might get a ribbon. It's a very laid-back and casual competition if you're just starting out, this is a good one to get into. After all, we are all here to learn.

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Summer 2018 Vice Presidents Message

Dear Fellow Members,

Holy Cow! Spring, no turkey, behind in my work . . . and, all I want to do is go fishing, boating, visit our new first Granddaughter, golfing, brewing my favorite ale, yard work, and general soaking up the rays!! Sound familiar? Must be Spring Fever after that God awful snowstorm and lingering cold. Well, it is time to get to work so that I may enjoy a great upcoming summer and tremendous Rendezvous. I hope you all can say the same.

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Wisconsin Taxidermist Regulations Update

Click on 2017 Taxidermy Regulations for the most recent updated version of the taxidermy regulations. With the recent bills just signed by the Governor this past weekend, there may be some changes to the bullet point specific to Woodchucks on page two, but I don’t think the change will cause much confusion on the taxidermy side of things.

One of the most important items to be aware of related to recent changes is bullet point #6 on the first page - regarding the requirement for taxidermists to record (on their customer receipts) DNR carcass identification numbers (tag/harvest authorization numbers) on items they take in that have these; such as deer, bear, etc. This was in effect last year as well but I have found it may not have been widely known.


DNR and Law
Issues relating to the collection of information and statutes relating to the taxidermy business.
Member Contributions
Articles written by our members.

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