Best of Show


WI State Taxidermist Competition

Taxidermists from around the state compete in different categories to be state champion. Feb 27-Mar 1, 2020 in Steven's Point, WI.


A fall competition and member meeting. August 9th to August 11th, 2019. in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.



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Fall 2018 Vice President's Message

Dear Fellow Members,

I trust this finds you all well and gearing up for a busy Autumn Season. This year’s Rendezvous was spectacular. Mike and Lori Orthober knocked it out of the park once again. Thank you also to the many members, wives, and kids that lent a hand to make for a huge success. The shooting sports were great and the weather was gorgeous. The Saturday BBQ was a special treat. The museum tour and aviary presentation truly rewarding. Wow! The competition was a great opportunity to walk away with some additional learning and perhaps a ribbon or two. It is a great venue to afford additional opportunity for some extra shop ribbons. You don’t know what you’re missing if you haven’t been. Next year will bring new experiences as we move to the Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire area. I very much encourage participation for next year’s Rendezvous in Leinenkugel Country.

This writing brings with it best wishes and good luck for the Autumn hunting seasons in addition to any late season fishing. Might I remind all to get on the DNR site for those special tags; Spring Turkey, Bear, Trapping, Sturgeon Spearing, and whatever other tags you may have interest. Be safe afield and do take a child or two with you.

I want to thank all the special committee members’ involvement. Thanks everyone on the board for your efforts to keep the WTA a huge success. Don’t hesitate to recommend membership to other taxidermists near you. You can surely promote the many benefits of membership including; education, tips, mentoring, artistic expertise, camaraderie, supply savings and discounts, competition, and professional involvement in your business. Do call or volunteer if you have a special talent or interest in getting involved and helping out on one of the committees or activities. Time is sneaking up for the Annual February State Championships. I hope you’re carving a little time to get working on those entries. Make a point to get your rooms reserved early once again in Stevens Point. Happy times afield!

Keeping the Tradition Alive,
Joe McGrath

Carcass Movement Restrictions

The movement of dead or alive CWD positive animals (natural or human-assisted) is a key pathway in the spread of CWD. The infectious nature of the CWD prion contributes to an increased risk of introduction and spread of CWD if dead animals are brought to areas where CWD does not exist if not disposed of properly.

Deer carcass movement in Wisconsin

Carcass movement restrictions are currently in place to assist in limiting the spread of disease. Both whole wild-deer carcasses and certain parts of carcasses from CWD affected counties [PDF] can only be moved within CWD affected counties and to a county adjacent to a CWD affected county [PDF].

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Fall 2018 President's Message

Hey Fellow Members,

Another rendezvous is in the books. What a great time in Door County! Such a beautiful side of the state.

Special thanks to Mike and Lori Orthober for hosting, organizing the lunches, and of course the traditional Fish boils. They surely will be missed. Getting together with friends and shooting sporting clays is something I don't do much of, but I have to say I have improved. Who knows maybe one day I'll take up a sport of shooting birds that don't have beards.

Another special thanks to our members that gave seminars and for the members that competed. After all that's what we do. We come to learn and then we show what we've learned in our work.

As I write this we are about one week away from the Wisconsin black bear opener. I wish everyone a prosperous Taxidermy season and may all your freezers be full.

Remember to book your rooms early at the Holiday Inn in Stevens Point for the State Championships. Watch your insight for the block code for the WTA. Well, that's it for now. I hope you have some idea of what you're going to compete with this year.

Hope to see you all this February. Good luck this fall and remember to introduce someone new to the outdoors.

Watch your bobber,

2018 WTA/WIDNR Question and Answer Follow-Up

QUESTION. Please explain the new law regarding a taxidermist’s requirement to record DNR carcass identification numbers (tag/harvest authorization numbers).

ANSWER. In March 2016, Wisconsin 2015 Act 89 took effect, which created this new requirement in law. If interested, the specific legal language can be viewed in Wisconsin State Statute 29.506(1)(am) & 29.506(5)(c). In short, this law change liberalized most user-harvest measures (durable unique carcass tags, etc.) but included a modified taxidermist record keeping requirement to maintain harvest integrity. Since March 2016, there have been additional significant changes to the laws related to fish & game, which have also impacted this change. During my presentation at the February 2018 WTA convention I provided an update on what the changes meant as of that date. As of the time of this writing, here are the legal requirements for licensed taxidermists to be aware of and follow regarding this specific issue;

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DNR and Law
Issues relating to the collection of information and statutes relating to the taxidermy business.
Member Contributions
Articles written by our members.

Online Videos

Many seminars and other videos in the library are now available online.

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