Attendance (Board Members):Troy Piotrowski, Joe McGrath, Meghan McKenna, Joe Evancheck, Tara Huebner, Rick Lange, and Tom Stuck

Meeting called to order by President—Troy Piotrowski at: 3:37 pm

Secretary’s Report:
Motion to except the State Championships General Meeting notes as published in the Insight
1st - Tom Stuck; 2nd - Tara Huebner; M/C

Treasurer’s Report: Prepared by Lori Gonnering presented by Troy Piotrowski

  • Booth rent down approximately $1000 (from the last two years)
  • Net Profit $863.47- Expenses to come
  • Liability Insurance- $1000
  • Rendezvous Expenses- approximately $400
  • Insight Printing and mailings- approximately $1,500
  • (We will collect some dues also)
  • We have 2+ years of operating expenses- spending on hold- keep the costs same
  • Entry fees to continue to decline as mount numbers decrease
  • 40th Anniversary Expenses $931.28 (2018 only)
  • Ribbon & Trophy Expense includes $470 owed by Sponsors for Special Awards yet (we paid for them upfront) A couple billings were returned with incorrect address, Tohickon made their check out to Walnut Creek instead of WTA (waiting for re-issued check)
  • Nine icebergs cost $1,050- $117 each. Banquet Cost under Competition ($5,483.24) is the total banquet cost less the $440.52 above for complimentary banquet tickets given. This amount includes $500 room charge for the banquet, tax and 20% gratuity automatically added 1st - Tom Stuck; 2nd - Tara Huebner; M/C

Committee Reports:

Budget:Troy Piotrowski
Nothing to approve
1st - Tom Stuck; 2nd - Joe Evancheck; M/C

Annual Report/Newsletter:Tim & Edna Perkins

  • Less submissions; need stories and other articles. Please send any articles or submissions to Tim
  • Advertisements are easy income spread the word.
  • Full Page- $500; ½ Page- $250; ¼ Page- $125

State Championships:Brenda DuVall/ Troy Piotrowski February (last full weekend of February)

Competition: Ryan Berra

  • Registration Deadline will be the 2 weeks, Thursday before)
  • Judges for 2019
  • Owen Eldred (MI)- Deer
  • Dale Manning (MT)- Bird
  • Lance Van Dusen (NB)- Mammals and Game Heads
  • Cole Cruickshank (MO)- Fish

Raffles/Door Prizes/Auctions:Mary Kay Lange, Mary Halverson, Brian Olson

  • Making stuff and collecting door prizes (will except during State Championships through Saturday afternoon)
  • Large items will be raffled off vs giveaway

Seminars: Ron Grams & Jeff Specht

  • Will be making schedules; but need ideas and volunteers
  • Troy Piotrowski suggested having a seminar for commercial mounts

Library:Matt Kraft

  • Inventory completed
  • Quite a few VHS tapes we will keep in the library
  • Going forward everything will be digital

Legislative:(current president): Troy Piotrowski

  • Rick Lange - Contracted by his local DNR Warden in regards to taking lymph nodes for testing/samples for CDW. Also, was contracted by DNR in LaCrosse about testing for West Nile in grouse. Kits are available from local DNR Service Center

Memberships:Eric & Jennifer Nokes

  • No Report

Special Awards/Public Relations:Jesse Webber

  • Iceberg Awards - vendor doesn’t want to make anymore. Nikki from Walnut Creek is looking into making a comparable award for less money

Website:Eric & Jennifer Nokes/Tim & Edna Perkins (Kevin Blank)

  • Needs to be updated timely
  • Kevin doesn’t know when items added to one note
  • Facebook- WTA Page (Clint Rickey and Tim Perkins)
  • Kevin Blank suggested making the Insight digital and accessible on Website

Wildlife Federation:Bucky & Martha Kilishek

  • Several Trailers with animals they bring around the state and show youth; looking for donations of mounts

Scholarships:Shelia Fredrick/Lorie Orthober/Scott Neihaus

  • $2,000.00 budget

Rendezvous:Mike and Lorie Orthober Success; Thank you for hosting Andy Jacobs – Chippewa Falls, WI August 9-11th, 2019 (Booked for 2 years)

Old Business:

New Business:

  • Backboards will need to be moved from Sturgeon Bay to Chippewa Falls

Motion to end meeting:
1st - Mike Orthober; 2nd - Jeff Specht; M/C

Meeting adjourned at 4:41pm