Online Videos

2016 WTA State Championship
Greg Brumfield: Antler Setting
James Graham: Whitetail Deer Mount
Jeff Morning: Artistic Presentation
Jeff Specht: Airbrush Techniques
Korey Alleman: Mounting a Drake Mallard
Kyle Lakey: Gamehead Pedestal
Pat Wagner: Finishing and Grooming Techniques

2017 WTA State Championships
Greg Brumfield: Small Mammal Ear & Eye Set
Jeff Morning: Carve a Fish Body, Fin Setting and Head
Jeff Specht: Pegging Antlers
Korey Alleman: Mounting a Diving Canvasback
Matt Tainter: Mounting a Whitetail Deer
Wisconsin DNR: Q&A
Vincent Fleming: Whitetail Reference

2017 WTA Rendezvous
Ron Grams: Carving a fish body and mounting the skin

2018 WTA State Championships
Mike Nakielski: Waterfowl mounting of wings
Wisconsin DNR: Q&A
Mike Yeska: Eye set and Ear buts
Lance Van Dusen: How to alter a base to match a mammal form
Korey Alleman: Cast parts for waterfowl
Vincent Fleming: Detail fleshing a whitetail cape

2018 WTA Rendezvous
Rick Lange: Whitetail Cape Prep

2019 WTA State Championships
WI DNR: Q&A with Andrew Lundin
Ron Grams Pt1: Eye, Ears, Nose & Antler Set
Ron Grams Pt2: Cape Prep
Ron Grams Pt3: Mounting a Whitetail Deer
Dale Manning: Bird Anatomy
Owne Eldred: Casting a Whitetail Earliner
Lance Vandusen: Casting Small Mammels for Reference