The library is a free service to all members. The association has a wide variety of reference and instruction materials available to the members. The association pays for shipping to the member. Member must pay return shipping.

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Phone:(715) 690-9024

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Online Videos

2016 WTA State Championship
Greg Brumfield: Antler Setting
James Graham: Whitetail Deer Mount
Jeff Morning: Artistic Presentation
Jeff Specht: Airbrush Techniques
Korey Alleman: Mounting a Drake Mallard
Kyle Lakey: Gamehead Pedestal
Pat Wagner: Finishing and Grooming Techniques

2017 WTA State Championships
Greg Brumfield: Small Mammal Ear & Eye Set
Jeff Morning: Carve a Fish Body, Fin Setting and Head
Jeff Specht: Pegging Antlers
Korey Alleman: Mounting a Diving Canvasback
Matt Tainter: Mounting a Whitetail Deer
Wisconsin DNR: Q&A
Vincent Fleming: Whitetail Reference

2017 WTA Rendezvous
Ron Grams: Carving a fish body and mounting the skin

2018 WTA State Championships
Mike Nakielski: Waterfowl mounting of wings
Wisconsin DNR: Q&A
Mike Yeska: Eye set and Ear buts
Lance Van Dusen: How to alter a base to match a mammal form
Korey Alleman: Cast parts for waterfowl
Vincent Fleming: Detail fleshing a whitetail cape

Physical Media


McKenzie Videos
Bear Basics VHS $25.00
Bobcat Basics VHS $25.00
Cast lip and nose mounting techniques VHS (3) $25.00
Fleshing tanning basics VHS $25.00
Creating Rock Bases and Natural habitat VHS (2) $25.00
Whitetail Caping , Fleshing and Tanning VHS $25.00
Whitetail mounting basics VHS (2) $25.00
Whitetail Finishing basics VHS (2) $25.00

Breakthrough Videos
Antelope Shoulder Calvin Farner VHS $25.00
Boar Shoulder AtoZ Rick Carter DVD $25.00
Carcass casting Bobcat Jan Van Hoesen DVD $25.00
Competition cold water fish Mike Ross 2003 WTC DVD  $25.00
Competition Techniques and Strategies Ken Walker DVD  $25.00
Elk shoulder Calvin Farner DVD $25.00
Fox Squirrel Lesson #3 VHS $25.00
Lake Trout Jim Hall VHS $25.00
Large Mouth Bass A to Z Tom Sexton part 1and2 2 VHS set $35.00
Large Mouth Bass Bill Newman DVD NEW $25.00
Small Mammal Competition Techniques Jason Snowburger DVD $25.00
Standing Pintail Frank Newmeyer VHS $25.00
Standing Wood Duck Sallie Dahmes VHS $25.00
Whitetail Deer A to Z Rick Carter DVD (2) $25.00

Artificial Heads and Fins VHS $25.00
John Rinehart Business Lecture VHS $25.00

Big Horn Gary Senk VHS $25.00
Brook Trout Rick Crane DVD $40.00
Large mouth Bass Jim Hall VHS $25.00
Mike Boyce Seminar NTA 1991 VHS $25.00
Shale Rocks Matuska Supply VHS $30.00
Starfish V-1 preparing a starfish replica VHS $25.00
Starfish V-2 painting a starfish replica VHS $25.00

Taxidermy Training Unlimited
Taxidermy Training Unlimited Demo DVD $5.00
Red fox Jean Roll 2 DVD set $43.00
Turkey Harry Whitehead 2 DVD set $43.00
Pheasant Danny Owen 2 DVD set $43.00
Waterfowl bill/feet painting Joe Kaiser DVD $28.00

Jim Kimball Pheasant Flying Feb. 2008 (2) $25.00
Clark Schreibeis Brown Trout (2) $25.00
Harry Whitehead Habitat Feb. 2008 (2) $25.00
Tim Perkins , Scale Tipping $25.00
Scott Verhunce , Bluegill Reproduction Painting $25.00
Bryan Eppley , Wt Deer $25.00
Mike Pendzimas , Cast Duck Feet $25.00
Jim Kimball , Wing Wiring $25.00

Breakthrough Design and Composition Newmeyer $25.00
Breakthrough Encyclopedia of Fish Painting $25.00
Breakthrough Open Mouth Coyote $10.00
Breakthrough Whitetail / Mule Deer Sallie Dahmes $25.00
Mammal Guide of Southern Africa $20.00
Waterfowl Bill Finishing Manual Vol. 1 Puddle Ducks Joe Ferebee Jr. $20.00
Waterfowl Bill Finishing Manual Vol. 2 Diving Ducks Mergansers Joe Ferebee Jr.$20.00

Reference Sets
Brown Trout $25.00
Gray Fox $25.00

Online Videos

Many seminars and other videos in the library are now available online.

  1. Send Alan Kitzhaber and email at with the video title.
  2. Al will email you a link.
  3. Click on the link and then press the play button.
  4. Now, give it a try!

Any questions? Contact Alan Kitzhaber at 715.379.1579 (Cell) or 715.834.4470 (Home)