Dust your mounts frequently with a feather or fleece duster in the direction of the hair, fur or feathers. Don't be afraid to groom mammal mounts - hair often gets mussed up moving them. Smooth fur with fingers or with a dog brush. Eyes and noses may be kept clean with window cleaner and a Q-tip. Fish should be wiped with a damp rag. Occasional cleaning with warm water and dish soap and a soft toothbrush removes dirt buildup and helps renew gloss. Avoid placing mounts above an extreme heat source (such as a fireplace) or in strong sunlight. Tobacco smoke and grease smoke will rapidly yellow mounts. Once or twice a year you may want to lightly spray mounts with an insect repellent designed for pets to help deter potential insect infestation. If you have questions on your mount, don't hesitate to talk to your taxidermist.