The Avian Challenge is open to any level of taxidermist. The WTA strongly encourages newcomers, as this is a great way to learn.


  • The bird judge will choose a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winner.
  • A trophy will be awarded to the first place winner and a portion of the Avian Challenge fees will be pooled and split 50-25-25 for three winners


  1. Entry must be of the chosen species of bird and match the pose depicted in supplied reference photo.
  2. Entry must be mounted on an oak round or oval base without habitat.
  3. All competitors must be present at the judging seminar on Saturday.
  4. Mounts must be registered on Thursday with the other mounts.
  5. Competitors may choose to bring his or her mount, freshly mounted or completely dry. With a wet bird, and if the competitor so chooses, he may ask for help from one of our qualified taxidermists after judging is complete. From there they can address the problem areas.


  • Judging of all entries in this category will be deferred to Saturday during an open forum.
  • The judging is done live and takes place in an open forum.
  • Entrants are given reserved seats.
  • Entrant names are withheld from judges.
  • No score sheets are used for the judging process.
  • A question and answer is provided after judging.
  • The reference picture is projected onto a screen for better viewing and judging.

Each entry will be judged on:

  • Anatomical Accuracy
  • Correctness of Feather Patterns
  • Species Shape
  • Craftsmanship
Avian Challenge 2020 - Wood Duck