• <strong>Horizon Award</strong>
    Horizon Award Elliot Bricks
  • <strong>Best All-Around Taxidermist<br />Artistic Merit: Second Place</strong>
    Best All-Around Taxidermist
    Artistic Merit: Second Place
    Ben LeNoble
    Brown Trout
  • <strong>Avian Challenge</strong>
    Avian Challenge Tim Cooley
    Wood Duck
  • <strong>President's Award</strong>
    President's Award Jeff Specht
    Black Bear
  • <strong>Best All-Around Taxidermist</strong>
    Best All-Around Taxidermist Ben LeNoble
    Best All-Around Taxidermist
  • <strong>Artistic Merit: Third Place</strong>
    Artistic Merit: Third Place Jesse Haese
  • <strong>Best Amateur Mount</strong>
    Best Amateur Mount Kollin Rehwinkel
  • <strong>Matuska Competitor's Award Open</strong>
    Matuska Competitor's Award Open Todd Hoftiezer
    Black-tailed Deer
  • <strong>Best of Show: Runner Up<br /> Excellence in Whitetail Taxidermy</strong>
    Best of Show: Runner Up
    Excellence in Whitetail Taxidermy
    Clint Rickey
    Whitetail Deer
  • <strong>Matuska Competitor's Award Masters</strong>
    Matuska Competitor's Award Masters Rodney Schreurs
Best of Show
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Matuska Competitor's Award Open
<strong>Matuska Competitor's Award Open</strong> Todd Hoftiezer
Black-tailed Deer
2018 Special Awards 2018 State Competition
Matuska Competitor's Award Open Gallery: 2018 Award Winners Description: Todd Hoftiezer
Black-tailed Deer
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