• <strong>Choice Award</strong>
    Choice Award Adam Orman
  • <strong>Artistic Merit</strong>
    Artistic Merit Ryan Wolf
    Black Bear Cub
  • <strong>Choice Masters Division</strong>
    Choice Masters Division Tom Stuck
    Ring-necked Duck
  • <strong>Best All-Around Taxidermist</strong>
    Best All-Around Taxidermist Mike Putnam
    Walleye Fish
  • <strong>Choice Award</strong>
    Choice Award Douglas Rehwinkel
  • <strong>Horizon Award</strong>
    Horizon Award Trenton Keuser
    Ringneck Pheasant
  • <strong>Choice Award</strong>
    Choice Award Mary Halverson
    Grey Fox
  • <strong>Most Artistic Big Game</strong>
    Most Artistic Big Game David Schmidt
    Black Bears
  • <strong>Habitat Award</strong>
    Habitat Award Matt Tainter
    Bufflehead Duck
  • <strong>Choice Game Head</strong>
    Choice Game Head Derek Verstegen
    Whitetail Headmount
Best of Show
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Lifesize Mammal, Group
<strong>Lifesize Mammal, Group</strong> Erin Krings
2017 open 2017 State Competition
Lifesize Mammal, Group Gallery: 2017 Award Winners Description: Erin Krings
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